A Collection of Tangles: awkward sex stories

A Collection of Tangles
We’re collecting awkward sex stories via audio recordings. They will exist in a couple of forms for now. The stories will be archived on the Tumblr site (in audio format).  There will also be a one-night-only show/reception in a hotel room in Iowa City the 4th week in April.  The audio recordings will be played through small speakers inside pillows on a hotel room bed. To submit stories, people just audio record their story(ies) through their own computer via a link on the Tumblr site. Super simple. 
Submit your stories by Thursday April 17th. Here’s the link to the Tumblr site which gives a little info and the instructions for submission:
A Collection of Tangles is a celebration of awkwardness in sex, and removal of potential layers of shame. Our inspiration for the project comes from Lauren Berlant’s Keynote speech she gave at the Affect and Inquiry symposium in Iowa City on March 29th, “Sex in the event of happiness.” She discussed jokes as being the most intimate genre, both “delivering and denying intimacy,” as a social reciprocity. She discussed jokes and awkwardness in relation to sex and our society’s erotophobia, as a way to overcome shame. The site of embraced awkwardness is a place of reclamation, love, laughter and enjoyment. A way to remove shame, to connect with our humanness. Stories do the same, and so this seems a fitting way to embody some of the ideas in her talk. Some of the words we wrote down during her talk included, “kinship, care, reparativity, memory, hope, longing, aesthetics” in relation to the intimacy project. We hope this show will bring those words to life as a way to combat erotophobia.
We would love your participation in some form-spread the word about the project, record a story for the project, or show up to the art show to lay around, listen, and celebrate with us.
Thank you!

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